fuckin-crackers: What brand of hookah to you use and favorite sheesh?

My last hookah was a MYA but more recently I’ve been using an all glass Pharaoh. 

And my favorite shish is between fumari and social smoke :)

with coconara coals! 

Hey guys!

I’ve recently teamed up with hookah.org making videos of reviews for different products as well as some tutorials! Their website is awesome for all things hookah related so you should go check them out :)

Anonymous: What's the difference between hookah and shisha?

hookah is what you use to smoke, shisha is what you are smoking basically. you buy a whole hookah, put shisha in the bowl and coals on that. 

Anonymous: Can I get like herbs from amazon to smoke in a hookah instead of Tabacoo products

I’m not really sure, if it says its okay for hookah then maybe you could try it but the reason hookah works like it does and tastes good is because of the molasses type stuff they use to make it. I’ve heard of some tobacco free products but i haven’t tried them personally.. there are also shisha rocks which I’ve tried and i was pretty impressed by those :)

Anonymous: Hey! so im thinking if i should start smoking hookah.. One thing i want to know before i start though would be: Does Hookah give a smell other than the flavor you get? Like weed does? Ex: It can smell like cigars,etc. I dont want to seem like i smoked thats why.. i hope you know what i mean.

Yes i know exactly what you mean! I have heard from very few people that I smell like hookah after smoking, so it usually doesn’t actually stick to you. And it doesn’t smell bad like weed or anything, should just smell like the flavor you pick :)

My Dear Followers,

I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately, please be patient with me I’m extremely busy but I’m getting a new camera soon and will have plenty of new pics up in a few weeks!

I love you all <3

Anonymous: Where's a good place to buy hookah and for pretty cheap?

do you mean like shisha or a whole hookah? and it depends on where you live :/

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